Laguna Tide Travel Diaper Bag Backpack Review + Giveaway!

I received a free Laguna Tide diaper bag in order to review it.  All opinions are my own.  This post may contain affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure policy here.

This diaper bag is an absolute must have!

Before having kids, a trip to the grocery store just meant shopping for necessities.  But these days there’s so much that could go wrong.  From a diaper blow out to a tantrum from my two-year-old, going anywhere has the potential to be very stressful for mommy and daddy.

I know there are plenty of parents who are brave enough to venture into the outside world with just an extra diaper and wipes and hope for the best, but I like to prepare for what might probably will go wrong.  Knowing I’ve got snacks, toys, sippy cups, and a change of clothes for the kids really gives me peace of mind.

Before now I used to have one of the traditional, big, over-the-shoulder diaper bags to carry everything in, but it always felt so bulky and it got in the way a lot.  I don’t know how many times I hit myself or someone else with my diaper bag while bending over to help my child or pick something up.  And don’t even get me started about trying to walk through a crowd with that thing.

So when Laguna Tide reached out to me about trying out their backpack diaper bag, I was super excited!  I loved the simple, modern look of the bag and the fact that it had so many sections and pockets to keep everything in.

The Laguna Tide Diaper Bag Backpack has definitely become my favorite diaper bag yet!  It has room for everything I need and then some!  One of my favorite features is the insulated compartments.  They’re great for me since I usually pump and give my baby breastmilk that way, so I need to be able to keep the bottles the right temperature.

Even with everything I have in my diaper bag, it feels so light on my back.  The first few times I used the bag I was convinced I must have forgotten to pack something.  Carrying it didn’t feel near as heavy as I’m used to!

Not only is it light and easy to carry, but being able to have the diaper bag on my back keeps my hands and arms completely free.  That’s pretty important when you have two kiddos.  I also love how padded the shoulder straps and the back are.  It is so comfortable to wear!

My husband loves the design of this bag as well.  It’s so neutral, which is awesome since we have a boy and a girl.   And both of us are comfortable carrying it.  This bag is one I can see us still using once our kids are older, too, since it’s not “babyish”.

Before getting this diaper bag I didn’t even realize how inconvenient my regular diaper bag was.  I had just gotten used to lugging it around everywhere.  But now that I have my Laguna Tide diaper bag, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back!  This diaper bag is a must-have for any parent!

Laguna Tide has even been generous enough to offer a 15% discount when you use the coupon code “MBLGRP15”!

I’ve also partnered with Laguna Tide to give you a chance to win your very own diaper bag! The giveaway is open until the end of the 17th of October, so be sure you click that link for your chance to win!!  Enter below!

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  1. The design is very classic! no wonder your husband really like it. I have to say that the button makes it cooler!

    1. Bethany

      Thanks, Sarah! It’s been our favorite diaper bag so far. I love the button too! 🙂

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