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The 5 Baby Items that Made My Life SO MUCH Easier

These items made all the difference when my daughter was a newborn.

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When I was pregnant with my first child, it was so exciting for me to buy things for her.  I loved strolling down the baby aisles at the store and imagining her using all the sweet products when she finally arrived.  I would also be scouring the internet for hours making sure I didn’t forget to list the things that I thought needed to be on my baby registry.

As a first-time mom it can be so very tempting to buy every single baby item you see.  It’s all so cute and seems so useful!  I wanted to be completely prepared when my daughter was born, and so I stocked up on everything I though we would need.  Some of it ended up being really great, and I’m so glad I got it.  Other things… well, not so much.

Now, I know not every baby or mom is the same, and we all have different opinions on what is needed for a baby, but these items are certainly worth trying if you haven’t already!  I will definitely be sure to have them for my next little one!

Life with a newborn can be hard.  Keep on reading for my all-time favorite newborn items to help make the first few months easier!

1. Swaddle wrap

Babies love to be wrapped up tight.  It reminds them of the safe and secure feeling they had in the womb.  My daughter always slept so much better and longer when she was swaddled – which in turn helped mommy and daddy get some much needed rest as well! These are the ones we used.

Now, you can certainly just use a thin blanket to swaddle your baby, and those are great in a pinch, but the swaddlers with velcro make it so very easy to wrap up your baby and make her feel so cozy!  Plus, these swaddlers are so quick and easy to use.  I could not imagine being without something to swaddle my baby with.  We did it for the first several months of her life!

2. Nose Frida

Whenever I tell people about this product they kind of freak out a little bit at the description.  Completely understandable – I did too when I heard about it!  But when your week old baby is congested and the stupid little bulb sucker does absolutely nothing except make her mad, you get pretty desperate!  This product cleared out my daughter’s nose so well that she was finally able to get some quality sleep.

Here’s how it works.  You put one end against your child’s nose, creating a seal, and then the other end of the tube goes in your mouth.  And then you suck the snot out.  Okay, I know, it sounds icky.  But let me assure you, there is no way the mucus can get in your mouth.  I promise!  The tube is long enough that it would be pretty hard for anything to make it all the way through, and there is also a filter to prevent anything getting to your end.

This product is seriously a lifesaver once you get past the initial disgust.  Lol!  My husband and I recommend it to everyone!

3. Baby swing

Oh my goodness, you guys.  This thing was my baby’s favorite place to be when she was little.  I could lay her down in it and actually get. Stuff. Done.  Yeah, that’s pretty much a miracle for a parent of a small child.  There were even some days when I couldn’t calm baby down by holding or nursing her, and so I would place her in her swing and she would immediately stop fussing.  The back and forth or side to side motion was so soothing to her!  Ours also had a light up mobile that spun around, and my little one could watch it for hours.  I’ve even seen swings that allow you to hook up an iPod or iPhone to play music, so if your sweet baby has a favorite song, that would be perfect.

Here is a super cute one that is very similar to what we used.

4. Receiving blankets

We used these babies for literally everything.  Swaddling baby when we were out and about.  Covering up when I was nursing.  Oh, the baby spit up everywhere?  Better grab a receiving blanket!  I don’t think I ever even owned a burp cloth.  We also rolled the receiving blankets up and placed them on either side of baby’s head when she was in her car seat to keep her head falling in an uncomfortable position while she slept.  These were just so convenient to use for anything we needed.  I always carried two or three with us in the diaper bag.

Besides how practical they are, you can get them in so many different patterns and styles.  You know I can’t turn down anything cute!

5. Sound machine

We started using one of these after I read a blog post about helping baby to sleep through the night.  From the first night we started incorporating the sound machine into our nighttime routine, I could see a big difference.  My daughter slept longer and better than before!  I’ve heard the same thing from so many other parents as well. Here is the same one we still use.

So there you have it! These were my favorite baby items when my daughter was a newborn, and they helped make life so much easier for our family. Like I said before though, every family and baby is different, so you may have a completely different list than me.

If your little one has baby acne like mine did, see what I did to clear it up!

What were your must haves when your baby was born? Is there anything you would add or take off of this list?

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  1. Great list! The swaddlers are a life saver for sure. I would also add a way to wear the baby, my Moby was the best thing ever!

    1. Bethany

      Thanks for the feedback, Emma! Yes, baby wearing is awesome!! Strangely enough, I do it way more now that my daughter’s a toddler than when she was a baby. I didn’t have a carrier that I liked enough when she was smaller. The Moby was great once I got it on and it was adjusted just right, but never quite got the hang of consistently getting that perfect fit – I probably just needed more practice. This time around, I’m definitely going to be wearing my baby more. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a carrier that works for us. I may need to give the Moby another try!

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